Board of Directors


Why Join our Organization

  • You get a valuable seat at the table and will play a key role in strategizing.
  • Your voice will have impact.
  • It is an opportunity to serve in a leadership position in an organization that serves others.
  • You will drive our Vision into action…support inclusive and accessible opportunities in sport delivered in a safe, ethical, developmentally, and culturally appropriate manner, by qualified leaders and sustained by organizational excellence.

What to Expect

  • Board Orientation and ongoing training.
  • Strong board and staff leadership.
  • Governance and policies that help lead discussions and decisions.
  • Approximately 4-6 meetings per year, plus attendance at community events. This could include weekends and evenings.
  • Some travel may be required.

We Value
Integrity: Applying our policies and procedures in a consistent, fair and transparent manner.
Responsibility: Meeting our obligations to our members and partners.
Fairness: Free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice.
Honesty: the quality of being truthful and trustworthy
Respect: Reflecting the values which we seek to instill in our children and youth.
Excellence: Demonstrating high standards in all areas of our organization

Join us and help MOVE SPORT FORWARD. Use the link below to submit your application. Deadline to apply is June 28th, 2023: