2015 Northwest Territories Federation of Shooting Sports Silhouette Rifle & Pistol Championships

Publication date: 
September 9th, 2015

The Yellowknife Shooting Club will be hosting the 2015 Silhouette Championship September 19th and 20th 2015 at the Yellowknife Shooting Club Outdoor Range.  NWTFSS Affiliated Clubs are asked to extend this invitation to their membership.  All members are welcome.

This will be a Silhouette competition, using 2014 NRA rules. The match will consist of:
Saturday Sept 19th:
  • 09:00 one 40 shot small bore match (hunter, silhouette and pistol)
  • Followed by one 40 shot high power rifle match (hunter, silhouette)
Sunday Sept 20th
  • 09:00 00 one 40 shot small bore  match (hunter, silhouette and pistol)
  • Followed by one 40 shot high power cowboy rifle match (hunter, silhouette) and IMSA pistol match.  Time will be allowed for sighting in on high power range.
Friday Sept 18th - Range open for practice 6:30-10:30 pm equipment control open
Saturday Sept 19th - range open for sighting and equipment control open 08:00
  • The 2015 NWTFSS AGM will be held at the range immediately following the highpower match
Sunday Sept 20th  - range open for sighting at 08:00              
Smallbore results will be combined to an aggregate score and may be used to determine travel support for the following year.
Shooters please pre-register with the Treasurer NWTFSS Scott Cairns (867) 669-9220 ykcairns@gmail.com, Competitors Name, Classification (if  known) and discipline (rifle or pistol). Non-Yellowknife Shooting Club members will need to buy guest insurance for $5. Fees are payable at the Match.