2020 Sport North Award Winners

Publication date: 
November 27th, 2020

2020 Sport North Awards announced

Sport North is pleased to announce that we have chosen the winners of the 2020 Sport North awards.

In the year 2020, due to Covid-19, there have been many difficulties and disappointments. With Covid-19 came cancelled tournaments, deep isolation, and other adversities that both NWT residents and athletes had to endure. The volunteers, coaches, officials, contributors and athletes who we have chosen have shown strength through these times by concentrating on what they could do in the moment to help them and their community grow.

Congratulations to our winners!


Youth Male athlete of the year: Nikki Gohil-Tennis

Youth Female athlete of the year: Emma Carey-Hockey

Junior Male athlete of the year: Josh Boudreau-Speedskating Special Olympics

Robin Mercer-Sproule’s Junior Female athlete of the year: Wren Acorn-Speed Skating

Senior Male athlete of the year: Devin Madsen-Squash

Senior Female athlete of the year: Shona Barbour-Curling

Team: Team Koe-Curling

Coach: Mario Desforges-Judo

Dennis Crane Memorial - Official of the Year Award: Rob Johnson - Softball

Delma Kisoun Community Contributor: Chuck Lirette - Biathlon

Ruth Inch - Contributor to Sport: Desiree Gautreau- Gymnastics

Corporate Contributor: Corothers’ Home Building Centre - Owner Charles Corothers

Active for Life: Bernie Bennett - Tennis                  


As well, Sport North is proud to announce that this is the first year the Robin Sproule’s Junior Female athlete of the year award will be given out. Robin was a big believer in sports and contributed greatly for the Northwest Territories’ sport community. From figure skating to softball, Robin gave any sport she played 100 percent and showed an admirable amount of both talent and hard work.

We are proud to give the award to Wren Acorn who was named to the Canadian short-track development team on Oct. 29 by Speed Skating Canada. Wren has shown great dedication to her sport and to her community. We believe Robin would be proud to have Wren as the first recipient of this award.


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