Aklavik recognizes NWT Olympic skiers on their wall of fame

Publication date: 
April 20th, 2016

Press Release

April 19, 2016

Thanks to Hamlet of Aklavik:

The NWT Ski Division is delighted that Aklavik honoured the NWT members of the Olympic Cross Country Ski Team on its Wall of Fame last Saturday.  We are very proud of this team of skiers who started the strong skiing history in the Northwest Territories. We are glad that the ski team members spent an afternoon at the school skiing and sharing stories with the students.  Thank you to Mayor Furlong, his council and Fred Behrens the SAO for taking the time to celebrate these individuals.

Thanks to the skiers:

The skiers worked hard during their years of training and competing. The NWT Ski Division appreciates the strength and dedication that the skiers showed as they faced the challenges of high level cross country skiing. Thank you for setting such a good example for young people to follow. 

Sharing stories:

Ski NWT is thrilled that the ski team members are interested in meeting youth and sharing their experiences. Youth need to connect with role models like you. Perhaps some of the youth of Aklavik will realize that they too can dream big, as the skiers did so many years ago. 


NWT Ski Division values pride and belonging.  Aklavik has made Ski NWT proud for their initiative to recognize the skiers’ achievement and to host this celebration.  Ski NWT is proud of the accomplishments of the skiers.  The NWT Ski Division is interested in exploring new ways in which we can share the history and legacy of this ski team and others who have followed in their ski tracks

For more information, please contact:

Angela Littlefair
cell:  (867) 445-5855