Sport North Annual General Meeting

Publication date: 
April 22nd, 2024

Sport North would like to announce that we will be hosting our AGM on May 24-25th 2024 at the Chateau Nova Hotel.

Stay tuned for more for more information regarding the AGM.

Please contact Rita Mercredi, 669-8331, or if you have any questions.


As outlined in the Sport North Federation Constitution and Bylaws, the business at the Annual General Meeting shall include:
a. Call to Order
b. Roll Call
c. Approval of the Agenda
d. Adoption of Minutes from the previous general meeting
e. President’s Address
f. Executive Director’s Report
g. Finance Report
h. Approval of the Financial Statements
i. Approval of the Membership Fees (as per Article 11.1)
j. Committee Reports
k. Suspensions, Expulsions
l. Amendments to Bylaws
m. Election of Directors (as per Article 27 and 28)
n. New Business
o. Next Annual General Meeting
p. Adjournment
Any Member wishing to add an item to the agenda or suggest changes to the Sport North Bylaws must forward the request to Bill Othmer by April 29th. Requests can be sent to or faxed to 867-669-8327.

The request must be in writing and include a brief explanation.