Sport North Federation Executive Director Announcement

Publication date: 
April 25th, 2022

Sport North Federation Executive Director Announcement Yellowknife NWT, April 2022 - Sport North Federation is proud to today announce that Bill Othmer has been named as the new permanent Executive Director of Sport North. Bill will move from his current position as Acting Executive Director and Sport Program Manager into the position full time after an extensive hiring process.

Bill is no stranger to sport in the NWT, having more than 35 years of sport and recreation experience, including being Chef De Missions for various Multi-Sport Games (Arctic Winter Games, and Canada Games). Bill came to the North in 1985, and after working in the communities as a Recreation Director, joined the Sport North team in 1991 and has continued to help move Sport forward for athletes of all ages.

“As we enter into a post-COVID phase of Sport Recovery, and an extremely busy timeline of Multi-Sport Games deliverance, Bill is knowledgeable, experienced, and well-positioned to lead the Federation into our next stages of sport deliverance,” said Colin Pybus, President of the Sport North Board. “Bill’s extensive sports background and leadership skills will assist Sport North to strengthen partnerships, develop new relationships, and support the reconnection of athletes, families, TSO members (Territorial Sport Organizations) and other event organizers with the sporting pursuits they love.”

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