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Episode 1: It's Not What Judo It's Who Judo

Lekter and Mike talk NBA season opening, MLB playoffs and the continuing fallout of UFC 229. Plus, special guests from NWT Judo!

Episode 2: Won't Somebody Please Think About the Children?!

Lekter is joined by special guest hosts - Jesse Wheeler and Chrissie Carrigan - to talk some MLB playoffs and NBA Basket-brawl. Plus, Sport North's Kendra Wambold talks 2018 NWT Sport Hall of Fame and KidSport!

Episode 3: Another Win for Beantown

Lekter, Chrissie and Wheeler talk about the 2018 World Series Champions Boston Red Sox, take a peek at the Jays and MLB off-season and the NHL 10-game snapshot playoff picture. Plus, special guests Ron Yeung (Canada Basketball) and Cole Marshall (Basketball NWT) talk about the Jr. NBA program!