Sport North Annual Awards

In 1977, the first awards were presented for the Contributor to Sport.  Additional awards were added in years following: 1978 -  Athlete of the Year, 1980 - Team of the Year, 1989 - Coach of the Year, 1992 - Junior Athlete of the Year, 1994 - Official of the Year, 2001 - Youth Male and Female Athlete of the Year and the Corporate Contributor to Sport and 2009 - Community Volunteer Award.  You can check out the previous recipients below by searching name and Award.  These awards are presented to recognize the significant contributions of individuals who are active in sport in the Northwest Territories.  The awards are given in recognition of achievements and accomplishments during the past year.

The Sport North Awards are given out each year to recognize athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers for their performance and contribution to sport in the NWT.  The awards play a valuable role in supporting athlete success and recognizing the NWT's growing talent.  The nomination process has two submission dates. 


Sport North Federation COVID Hero Awards Announcement

Sport North understands that in the year 2020-2021 there was not much sport happening in the North or even in Canada. Due to COVID-19 the 2020-2021 year in sport was largely a year of non-competition. With a lack of tournaments in the NWT and on a national level, it is difficult to distribute awards equitably.

Due to the pandemic, Sport North will be postponing its traditional Sport North Awards Program; and in its place will recognize our 2020-21 TSO’s COVID-19 Heroes.   

The Sport North COVID-19 Heroes Awards will be open to all TSO’s.

What are COVID Heroes?

Sport North’s COVID Heroes are the people who persisted during the heaviest part of COVID-19 to restart their sports safely! These Heroes are the athletes who continued to train even though they did not have their support group physically with them. They are teams that pushed through and trained together, even though it was difficult. These Heroes are the coaches who created alternate ways to train when the gyms were closed.

These are the people Sport North wants to celebrate!

So please join us this year by nominating your Athletes, Coaches, and Contributors to Sport!

You can access the COVID Heroes submission form ONLINE!

Due Date: August 27th, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be the regular Sport North Awards during the year 2020-2021?

No Sport North Awards will be distributed for the 2020-2021 Year.

Who can be nominated?

Athletes, Coaches, and Community Contributors related to a TSO.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate, BUT all nominations will have to be endorsed by the respective TSO. If the nominator is NOT a TSO, Sport North will email the correlating TSO to request an endorsement.

How many Covid Hero nominees can a TSO submit?

Each TSO can nominate 1 Athlete/Team, 1 Coach, and 1 Community Contributor. A total of 3 nominations from each TSO can be considered a hero.

What is the definition of a Community Contributor?

A community contributor can be anyone a TSO recognizes who helped them return to play. Examples of Community Contributors are executive directors, a president, a teacher, a volunteer.    

How do I nominate?

By filling out the submission form here.


Rather fill it out by hand? PDF's are below!

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