#SheCanCoach - "Change Room"

The #SheCanCoach campaign is a celebrator of Women in Coaching achievements, an advocate for Women in Coaching initiatives, programs, and structural changes, a connector of interested coaches-to-be with where to start, and a public voice exclaiming #SheCanCoach!

Changing the Game – Changing the Conversation is a program to recruit new female coaches and change public perceptions about who can coach.

A dedicated public campaign, #SheCanCoach, launched February 1st, 2018 and features produced video content, website, and social engagement. Check out www.ctgctc.ca to get involved!

The #SheCanCoach campaign features video shorts, a dedicated website, and a social media engagement to encourage more action to be taken at every level of sport to support women in coaching.

The campaign will highlight:

  • The lack of women in coaching and sport leadership (only 30% of coaches in Canada are women)
  • The need for more women in coaching
  • The benefits of balanced sport leadership (Males and Females on the bench)
  • That women can and do make great coaches!

We Believe #SheCanCoach!